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By physically connecting several devices at once, switches are able to create a network that is customized, controlled and powerful so that each device can communicate with each other across this network. Because network hubs can only send one data set to all devices connected to it at once, not identifying any device or being selective about its transfer of data, network switches are often the choice for business communications. More advanced than hubs, switches can send data either to a single port or several ports, creating a network that will allow each device to connect and receive data in the best way while the switch identifies each device, preventing fraud and increasing protection.

While both switches and routers are necessary for your business’s communications, it’s also important to know the difference, summed up simply as: switches are designed to create a network while routers are designed to connect networks (like your PC to the internet). Having quality switches and routers can mean the difference between secure, inexpensive and powerful network communications and a business that is barely managing its IT equipment.

At Server Worlds, we are passionate about increasing your business’s productivity and power for an affordable price and so we only choose to refurbish IT equipment from the names that we trust. From EMC storage solutions to EMC switches, EMC has exceeded international standards for excellence, quality and long-lasting performance, making this brand the perfect choice for switches that you can trust.

Over 60,000 employees and in operation since 1979, EMC Corporation has taking the world by storm, becoming the largest global provider of data storage, and remaining there ahead of companies like HP and IBM. Voted one of the world’s Top 100 Global Innovators and one of the World’s Most Admired Computer Companies, it’s no wonder why its employees perform at their highest and their clients keep coming back.

Because of their dedication to quality, innovation, and remarkable standards, Server Worlds stocks some of their best equipment, including the EMC switches like the DS-16B2 (SKU #) and the DS-32B2 (SKU #). Check out these great products, and see more of what our 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse has to offer today!

If you need help selecting the best product for your business, just contact one of our highly qualified sales experts and they’ll help you find equipment that will improve your productivity without breaking your budget. Call today!