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HP Proliant Tower Servers

Hewlett- Packard has yet to let us down when it comes to high performance, reliable and easy to use IT technology and their tower servers are no different. With Tower servers that range in capabilities from supporting small businesses, to optimizing large business capabilities, HP Tower servers have taken the reins in high performance, self cooling and efficient servers used in the business realm.

The options for the capabilities of your new, refurbished HP Tower servers are practically endless thanks to Sever World’s custom configuration options.  The power of your machine is almost completely up to you, with HP’s standard Tower server features like 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 5U processors and the many configurable features, including:

  • Memory Capabilities

  • Hard Drive

  • Controller

  • PCI Card

  • Optical Drive

  • Power Supplies


The Refurbished HP ML310 G5P Configured To Order, Hot Plug server, for example, is just one of many powerful refurbished tower server option we have at Server Worlds, and it offer superior customization options as well as state of the art processing power. The ML310 G5p, in particular, utilizes hot plug power supplies, in combination with hot plug hard drives to allow its single socket processor to easily and manageably handle all small to medium businesses processor needs. And, with the help of its unique tower shape, this hot plug machine actually has a fairly low density meaning it’s core temperature is easily maintained and controlled.


The Refurbished HP ML310 G5P Configured To Order, Hot Plug server isn’t your only option when it comes to high powered and affordable refurbished tower servers that we have to offer at Server Worlds, though. Learn more about each of our HP Tower Servers individual capabilities by clicking into their categories below:


Knowing your servers needs is of course the easiest way to narrow down which HP tower server or microserver will be able to provide you with capabilities that you need. But, when you need help finalizing configuration decisions and requests for the specifics of your server needs, make sure you contact one of our server refurbishing specialists.  Our specialist know a lot about a lot of different processors, which gives Server Worlds the tools to properly assist you no matter your request. So, give us a call or start chatting with one of our experts in the ‘Leave a Message’ box below.


We look forward to proving you with or creating the ultimate refurbished tower serves for you.