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Here, features a selection of refurbished NetApp link controllers.

NetApp link controllers - like all of the electronics in our warehouse - are completely refurbished when they leave the doors of Our selection of NetApp link controllers varies as you can see by browsing our listings.

A link controller determines the flow of data. Link controllers can provide an internal link between separate disk modules, or between a disk module and an external port. Bad link controllers may be the cause of performance issues in a computer or network, and it’s crucial to find the right controller for this reason. If you are experiencing a performance bottleneck, a faulty or incapable link controller could be to blame!

NetApp is a reliable choice for link controllers, as their company is a member of the computer storage market’s Big 5’s List. It is ranked third in the market amongst competitors including EMC, IBM, HP, and Dell. For its high-quality production of high-caliber storage products (as well as other computer products), NetApp boasts an annual income growth near fifty percent!

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