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IBM Storage

If you started digitizing your business’ information a while ago, you might find that the scalable solutions you invested in are getting harder and harder to find parts for. Many IBM system storage solutions were designed to let you grow your data into the future, and at Server Worlds, we’re dedicated to making sure that you have access to the refurbished IBM storage you need to keep your current IT solutions running. We have a broad selection of used IBM storage options available whether you just need some parts for your server or are looking to keep an archival system operational. We have the parts you need at a price that your accounting office will love.

Our great deals start with a great refurbishing process which is designed to make sure that every part we sell is going to stand up to use and perform well for you. We only accept used IBM storage parts from our trusted dealers and we only let technicians who are particularly adept at working on IBM system storage refurbish those particular parts, so we know that the parts are getting the specialized attention they need. Once inspections and repairs are finished, we put each part through meticulous testing. Any part that can’t make it through our testing process will not be sold on our site. Period.

If you’re currently using IBM system storage and need to scale up, we have the used IBM storage enclosures needed to allow you to grow your data storage capacity. IBM originally designed their storage enclosures to be a flexible and affordable option for businesses, and by offering the same refurbished IBM storage enclosures, we can make them even more affordable! Meet your need for growing storage space and stay within your budget.

Magnetic tape might sound like an old-school storage solution, but it’s still remarkably useful and stable for offline data storage and particularly for archival data storage. What’s more, if you have magnetic tape that needs to be read, you still need to have a good tape drive. Our IBM tape drives can replace an old or broken system and allow you to keep up with your archival data.

We also carry IBM libraries which control the robotics in your tape drive. No matter what IBM system storage parts you need, we probably have them or can acquire them. We even have a broad selection of system and power cables for refurbished IBM storage solutions, which will let you keep your current systems working for longer.

So start shopping online today and let us know if you have any questions. Feel free to contact us if you’re having trouble finding the right refurbished IBM storage parts and solutions for your business. We want to make sure that you make a confident and informed purchase for your company, so let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your shopping experience better!