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Browsing HBAs? We carry a litany of HBAs (Host Bus Adaptors) from a few key high-tech companies. Browse our selection of Brocade HBAs here, or check out our QLogic products and our Emulex HBAs.

What does a host bus adaptor do for my computer? Like a network interface card, HBAs allow communication between CPUs or between servers. That means you can talk to individual servers, transfer data, and process data and resolve actions. When looking at the right host bus adaptor for your computer(s) or server(s), you ought to consider processing and transference speed. A one gigabyte per second HBA won’t perform as quickly as a four or eight gigabyte per second HBA. Higher speeds mean less waiting time when resolving large tasks, or transferring vast amounts of data between devices and servers.

Our products are refurbished, which means they are:

  • Tested. Each piece of hardware is tested to ensure that its performance is up to par; performing as it would right off the factory line.

  • Cleaned. We clean all of our products to make sure their shiny and dust free!

  • Professionally packaged. We take packaging seriously, to make sure that you get a unit delivered in perfect condition.

So if you’re looking for an HBA, shop around and find the right solution for your computer communications. As always, is always here for you if you have any questions concerning the specs on our products, or the proper solution for your computer and server system building. And our products come with a 30 day guarantee, so you can be certain in your satisfaction. Try your new product, and if it isn’t perfect in your first month, send it back, or get it replaced!