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Sun Telco Systems

Combining the best components of two companies brings you the products that will change how you see your IT equipment. With a refurbished Sun server and Telco systems’ operating power, you can get a system that is efficient and reliable. With an end-to-end Carrier Ethernet network that will astound you, you are not just getting an Oracle server, you are getting a facelift for your business.

The birth parent of the famous Java programming language and the Network File System, Sun Microsystems has always been dedicated to innovation and producing both software and hardware for the lay person and the programmer alike. With its “write once, run anywhere” platform and its ability to create web apps that are functional and simple, Java has become one of the most popular programming languages, putting Sun Microsystems on the map in a way that other brands just can’t compare.

With a history that dates back over 40 years, Telco Systems is about making products that last and providing network solutions that do their job efficiently and effectively. Specializing in cloud services and business Ethernet services, Telco produces real solutions to your everyday problems.

Looking for a server base that is affordable and efficient? Try our Sun Netra 1290. Fully tested and fully refurbished in-house, this is a base server that you can count on. With our usual 30 day warranty, you know that we stand behind the work we do so our products can stand behind you.

Offering the best of Sun servers and Sun storage, with a team of highly trained professionals ready to serve, you can count on Server Worlds for a product that will last, that will save you money, and that you can trust. Our 60,000 sq ft warehouse with ready parts and equipment, and experts on staff that are friendly and willing to help, are both testaments to how we work hard to serve you.

Browse through our selection today and see how we can serve you with the refurbished Sun servers that are built to last. Contact us now with any questions or concerns you may have, one of our seasoned experts is standing by to help!