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Solar Flare

Solar Flare provides dual port adapters, NIC cards, and fibre channel cards. These dual port adapters are crucial for certain server communication solutions. Solar Flare dual port adaptors allow for high-speed communication across a fiber channel. This allows for server communication with computer data storage through these Solar Flare technologies. All of ServerWorld’s server components are refurbished, including our Solar Flare dual port adapters, NIC cards, and fibre channel cards.

Here at ServerWorlds, we’re proud to be your online source for refurbished server parts and components. Since we refurbish and reutilize lightly used computer components, we’re able to provide our customers with state of the art server parts at less than market prices. All of our server and computer components are put through a cleaning and testing process to ensure that they’re up to industry standards for performance. With each component, we perform the following tasks:

Visual Inspection for Damage

We look over all of our server and computer components for damage. If we note any damage to the part, we won’t use it.

Server & Computer Part Cleaning

Next, we clean all of our refurbished computer and server components. Thorough cleaning ensures that your components won’t be damaged by electrical arcing once installed.

Refurbished Component Testing

Most importantly, we test our components. We only sell refurbished computer and server components that are operating perfectly.

Expert Packaging

Proper packaging ensures that your product isn’t damaged as it’s in transit from our warehouse to your door. Take note, we provide free shipping on products to be delivered within the continental 48 states!