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Samsung is a tech powerhouse. Their productions range from computer chips to cell phones. Here, we’ve collected our catalog of refurbished Samsung products, including our Samsung memory cards, our Samsung solid state drives, and our Samsung computer chips. Browse through our Samsung catalog, or feel free to check out our full, expansive catalog of refurbished computer and server parts. You can also use the search function of our website to narrow the results to precisely what you’re hunting for.

Our Samsung computer and server parts, like all of our products, are refurbished. Refurbished products work just as they would fresh from the factory. For each of our refurbished computer and server components, we perform rigorous testing to ensure that they are in superb condition:

Visual examination

First things first, we’ll inspect your computer or server component to ensure that there are no visible defects. If we note a defect in the product, we won’t use it.


Next, we’ll thoroughly clean the component to make sure that it is dust free. Dust is the bane of computer components as it can cause electrical arcing.


Then, we’ll test the component. Testing is crucial for determining the quality of the refurbished part. We only use computer and server components that perform precisely as they should.

Professional Packaging

We package our refurbished computer and server components so that your part isn’t damaged while it’s en route to your doorstep.

If you’re further curious about our refurbishing procedure, or about any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a ServerWorlds representative.