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Get an Affordable Server for Your Startup Business

Posted by ServerWorlds on

Just getting started in the business world? A server is likely essential to performing business tasks, but a server is also a major investment. As a startup business, you’re likely looking to build your servers on the cheap. We make that possible. With our refurbished server components, you can purchase the server parts that you need to get the job done, all at discounted prices. We carry a variety of server parts from companies like HP, Dell, IBM, Sun, EMC, Intel, and AMD. Since we refurbish our server components, we can provide largely discounted products. That affords you and your new business some major advantages. With refurbished server parts, you can save money, get more server power and capability, you can grow your server with your business, and you can adapt to technological changes at the drop of a hat.

All of the Savings, None of the Costs

With our refurbished server parts, you get the best products at discount prices. Since our products are refurbished, they’ve been tested to ensure that they’re operating as they would if they were fresh off the factory line. You can rest assured knowing that your server component purchase will operate as if it were brand new. That gives you the best savings, with no cost to your business.

More Power, Same Price

Since you're saving money up front with our refurbished products, you can reinvest that value in the power of your servers. When you choose to use refurbished server products in your server build, you can get more bang for your buck. That means better performance for your servers right off the bat, and it can mean a greater profit down the line.

Grow With Your Business

With refurbished server components, you can grow and build your server structure to meet your changing demands. If you need more storage, you can pick up another storage rack for your computer. If you need more communication outputs, you can upgrade your server to accommodate other networks. If it’s time to upgrade with an uninterruptible power supply, we can provide that too. Check out our current line of refurbished server parts here.

Adapt With the Times

Like all computer technology, server technology changes with the blink of an eye. That can mean that you’re left with servers that are outdated within a year of their purchase. That sounds like bad news, but it’s all the more reason to buy refurbished server parts. Buying refurbished saves you money on a tech purchase that may not last for more than a handful of years. With refurbished server parts, you can invest in the latest and greatest technologies, you can save a buck with your purchases, and then you can turn on a dime and invest in newer technology without batting an eye. With refurbished server components, you aren’t tied down to the high price tag of good technology. You can change up your server components to keep with the times, and save money all the while.

If you’re building a server as you build your business, it’s smart to use refurbished server components. You’ll be able to save money, amp up the power and capability of your server, adapt to your growing business, and keep up with changing technology. If you have any questions about our refurbished server components, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We have ServerWorlds representatives on staff to answer your questions and to aid in guiding you to the server part that you desire. We also purchase server components to refurbish them. Click here to learn more about selling your used servers and server parts to ServerWorlds! 

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