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As if we would expect anything less from the geniuses over at Hewlett-Packard, the ProLiant ML10 Server is nothing short of perfect for your small business! Designed with small businesses wants, needs and priorities in mind, the features and applications built into the HP ML10 are specialized to create superior reliability.

This HP tower server has been built to outlast, outperform and outsmart all of its small business technology competitors, and it does so with the grace and excellence you would expect from any other Hewlett-Packard server. However, the ML10 tower server is special in that it provides all the features that small businesses require to perform at their peak and to network most efficiently. These features include practically unlimited upgrade options, as well as the following:

  • optical media drives

  • USB connectors

  • LFF drives

  • DIMMs

  • CPU fans

  • System fans

  • PCIe slots

  • NIC connectors

  • Video Connectors  


The features don’t stop there. Having been designed with easy installation and small businesses across the world in mind, the HP ML10 allows your business to do what it was meant to do: grow. For small business owners this means having the most options for upgrading, optimizing and enhancing right at your fingertips and with Server Worlds that is more than just a possibility, it's a promise.


Not only do the refurbishing professionals we have at Server Worlds optimize each refurbished server for optimal performance, they also prepare the server you need now, to become the server you’ll need in the future. Which, means our specialists have taken the time to make sure that the HP ML10 server you invest in, provides you with the correct server features for all your small business’s processing needs now, as well as the networking expansion needs you are sure to have later. These features include:

  • A Dual Core Processor

  • Integrated 1x3MB cache memory

  • C204 Chipset

  • HP iLO3 Firmware and management support

  • ECC memory protection

  • 32Gb memory capabilities


If you aren’t sure just what kind of server capabilities you will need for your small business in the future, our refurbishing professionals can help you with that too. Our specialists know what features your server needs to fulfill the necessities of your business, as well as how to help you find a server that has the capability to grow and expand alongside of your business.


So, whether you are ready to buy now,need quick answers, or you need a little help deciding if a refurbished HP ML10 tower server is right for your businesses needs, give us a call or start a chat with us at the bottom of this page in the ‘Leave a Message’ box. We have the technology and knowledge to help you get started on a path to business growth and expansion, and our specialists would love nothing more than to assist you in doing just that. Contact Server Worlds today.